Jersey Monday #1

Introducing: Jersey Monday.

Most big football games take place on Sunday afternoon with the shadow of a hangover infused Monday looming in the background. Monday becomes the day to analyse it all, when you have time to process the sour loss or gloat over a fabulous win. It’s also the day to catch up with some scores from other leagues or football faits-divers that surfaced in the aftermath of the games.

Poverty Pants is proud to announce it’s first recurring installment that will be featured every Monday on the blog and focusses on an important fashion aspect of the beautiful game; jerseys. Each week I will highlight a certain football shirt because of it’s crazy colors, it’s retro sponsor or the infamous people who will forever wear it in the foggy cabinets of our collective memory. In this first case all of those three boxes are tipped off.


Batigoal, 7up, Fiorentina, purple. There’s really not much more to say here. There’s something with early 90’s kit designs that really make them stand out, especially today. A lot of 1992/1993 shirts will follow in this weekly segment because they are so rich colorwise and have this nineties retro sway that’s totally back.

This kit is a premium example of that, it’s the 1991/1993 Fiorentina home shirt made by Lotto. Fiorentina (nicknamed La Viola, meaning purple) is an iconic Italian side from the town of Firenze. In the early nineties they struggled with relegation and gave a lot of youngsters – who would later make their mark on the international stage – a chance in the first team. (Read the whole story over at Shirttales). For me however this shirt is about the purples dualing in a frantic pattern combined with the retro 7up logo. It brings about an urge to go to the fridge in the hope of an icecold can. This shirt is about a time when there were real summers and real winters and the football pitches were still true green, and it’s about a time when you could see one shirt, and in uniso shout one team and one player: Fiorentina: Batistuta!

Gabriel Batistuta, and his amazing hair; the biggest star of La Viola in this jersey; a goal scoring angel in an eyecatching jersey.


(Note: Also check the Fiorentina Nintendo jersey of the later nineties)

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